Today’s news events Adele .. 10 years on the strongest album of the 21st century


today’s events – On Sunday, international British artist Adele celebrated the decade of the album’s release (21), with a post on the media, according to which fans announced an announcement of a new album, to ignite their enthusiasm.

Adele, 32, celebrated the tenth anniversary of the release of her album, titled 21, according to her age at that time, which achieved record numbers, with a post on her Instagram account that included expressions of thanks and gratitude to the fans for their support, and some followers believed that the post Announcement of a long-awaited new album.

The Tottenham-born star wrote that, to this day, she does not find the right words to express her feelings in 2011, when millions interacted with her album, but she is very grateful to the fans.
21 is the album that launched Adele’s fame and achieved her international success, and the songs on the album include Turning Tables, Rumor Has It and Someone Like You, all of which have achieved great success in various countries of the world.

For its part, the Universal Music Publishing Group also tweeted about the important event on Sunday, to highlight how successful album 21 is.
Speaking about the success of 21, Adele said to 60 Minutes in Australia, “ There are things that happened after the release of the album ’21’ that scared me and my life got out of control … the album’s success made me afraid to get away and not be able to communicate with close people and follow their condition. ”

The album has achieved 21 sales of more than 30 million copies worldwide since its release in 2011, and is now ranked 29th on the list of best-selling albums of all time according to Business Insider.

Three singles hit No. 1 on the Billboard chart and garnered seven Grammy Awards.

Adele released another album in 2015, titled 25. It also achieved records, and Adele’s first album, titled “19”, was released in 2008.

Her last solo release was Water Under The Bridge in 2016.

In December 2020, it was reported that Adele began recording her next album, in a top-secret London recording hall, sparking fan speculation that her next masterpiece is not far away.

This news came from drummer Matt Chamberlain of Pearl Jam who said he has just worked on some new music for Adele.

The speculation comes amid reports that Adele was forced to use middlemen to split her £ 140m fortune after her divorce from husband Simon Konecki.


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