To remove the obstacle of change, Telegram supports a new feature that pulls the rug from under WhatsApp’s feet


To remove the obstacle of change ... Telegram supports ...

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WhatsApp’s data protection changes are currently transferring millions of new users to other messaging programs, including Telegram, as the developers of the latter have now announced that they

Source: Adham Al-Hilali – Erm News

Data protection changes result in واتساب Currently, millions of new users have been transferred to other messaging programs including Telegram, as the developers of the latter have now announced that they will remove another obstacle to this switch, as it is now possible to copy chat history from WhatsApp.

It is known to many people that there is a clear obstacle when changing their favorite messaging program, as it is difficult to transfer to another application with this amount of many contacts and long conversation chains, which makes many hesitant to leave all of this behind, and accordingly the developers of the instant messaging application created “Telegram” is a function that allows you to transfer chats from WhatsApp to Telegram, according to what was announced by the founder of the application Pavel Durov on his channel on Telegram.

The Russian app has confirmed that it will start allowing its users to transfer conversations from “WhatsApp” to it on the iOS and Android phone operating systems, according to JeezChina.

“Some users wanted to find a way to transfer chat history from WhatsApp to Telegram, and two weeks ago I realized that it was theoretically possible, and we added this feature and many other improvements to our applications for both iOS and Android,” Durov wrote. On both systems, Telegram will allow It relays individual and group chat conversations.

Now all the imported messages are added to the end of the Telegram chat, however, information about the date and time of the transmission is saved, as Dorov explained that the company is working on integrating Telegram messaging with messages imported from other applications.

Earlier, reports indicated that “Telegram” has become the second most downloaded application in the United States, and in January the application had more than 100 million new users.


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