“Time flies by quickly” .. Today is shorter than 24 hours on Earth in 2021


Can you imagine that 2020, with all its exceptional events, the Corona virus was its main hero, along with many natural disasters and unexpected political events, but it was the shortest in years.

وكشف TimeAndDate That 2020 was 28 days faster than ever since 1960, since the Earth rotated 1.5 milliseconds faster than usual on its axis.

Those 28 days all broke the previous record for the shortest day ever documented: July 5, 2005, when that day lasted 1.0516 milliseconds lower than the record of 86,400 seconds.

The site stated that it is not abnormal to see Earth days take a little longer or shorter than average, thanks to the activity of the planet’s molten core, oceans and atmosphere, but the large number of fast days in 2020 may be a sign that the Earth’s rotation is accelerating rapidly Public.

Scientists who monitor the speed of the Earth’s rotation expect that 2021 will be shorter, as the average day is expected to last 0.05 milliseconds less than 86,500 seconds, which is the standard length of the day determined by our clocks.

And odd days can last 1.5 milliseconds less. Over a year, the total of the shorter days is expected to reach a deficit of around 19 ms.

And according to scientists, it could be due to Global WarmingWhen glaciers melt, the redistribution of mass causes the planet to rotate faster around its axis. (Earth’s rotation around the sun)

The difference between astronomical and atomic time is tiny, but it has far-reaching consequences. For example: Satellites and navigation systems operate according to solar time, which is determined based on the positions of the stars, the moon, and the sun, to keep the satellites and navigation systems working together.

“It will probably take a negative leap second if the Earth’s rotation speed increases more,” said chief researcher at the British National Physics Laboratory, “Peter Weberley.”

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