This substance kills cancer cells when added to tea


Bergamot, which is one of the citrus fruits and from the peel of this fruit. Zesty bergamot oil is extracted from it. It is also used in the manufacture of perfumes and for treating depression. It is used to produce essential oils that are used in the production of Earl Gray tea, perfumes, and in making sweets, and is anti-depressant, which is an aid to digestion as well.

Scientists from the University of Calabria, Italy and the University of Salford in Britain, said that bergamot kills cancer cells.

The experts found that the two substances proteridine and melitidine present in bergamot inhibit cholesterol enzymes and contribute to the death and stopping of the division of cancer stem cells.

The researchers note that, unlike statins used in modern medicine, bergamot has no serious side effects.

Scientists believe that bergamot can be used to make new non-toxic drugs to fight cancer, according to what was published in the journal “Bioenergetics”.

Earlier, a study conducted by a team of scientists in Switzerland showed the effectiveness of using magnetic bacteria to directly target tumors in cancer-killing drugs.


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