This is what vitamin D does in the body of Corona patients


10:00 AM

Thursday, January 21, 2021

A recent study revealed the effect of vitamin D use on Corona patients and its associated diseases.

The study, conducted by a research team affiliated with the Italian University of Padua, said that treatment with vitamin “D” in patients with Corona and its associated diseases reduces the number of deaths, as well as the transfer of patients to intensive care units, according to the Italian newspaper, “The Journal”, according to “Sputnik”. .

The Italian study focused on the effective role of vitamin D on Corona patients, and it was coordinated by the University of Bauda with the support of the universities of Parma, Verona and other research institutes.

The study linked vitamin D deficiency with increased exposure to the disease and its more aggressive clinical manifestations, in which there is currently not much information about how vitamin D affects the onset and course of the disease known as “Covid-19”.

It was also not clear to the researchers the effect of taking cholecalciferol (the original vitamin D) in patients who already suffer from Corona, according to the Italian agency “Insa”.

For his part, expert Sandro Giannini from the University of Padua confirmed that “the patients surveyed, with an average age of 74 years, were treated with therapeutic associations and then used in this context, and in 36 of the 91 people (39.6%) with a high dose of vitamin D for a period of time. Two consecutive days, the remaining 55 people (60.4%) were not treated with vitamin D.


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