This is what Hala Sidqi said about saving her husband’s father from death


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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Books – Hani Saber:
Actress Hala Sidqi thanked everyone who praised her attitude towards her husband’s father and saving his life from death, despite the differences and issues between her and her husband.
Hala wrote on her Instagram account: “I thank you with all my heart for all the love that you sold me for the past period, and for sure all of you knew the reason for my sudden descent to Cairo, and what happened is a duty. Whatever hostilities are at the time of illness or death .. you must be the strongest, because I am a human being. free”.
Sameh Sami, husband of the artist Hala Sidqi, thanked her after her stance with his father, through his account on “Facebook”, saying: “Imagine that when he is in grinding problems and issues with the mother of my children, and the first time she hears that Baba who is protecting her in intensive care will be The first one he has is the children .. Not only that, all of Egypt has turned to blood bags why his blood is rare .. Of course she is the great mother of my children Hala Sidqi .. Thank you very very much because you saved the life of Baba, O Asilah, daughter of assets.
It is noteworthy that Sameh Sami, Hala Sidqi’s husband, accused her of not being the mother of their two children, and that she removed his name from the names of his two sons, indicating that she “forces them to introduce themselves to Samo Sidqi and Maryam Sidqi,” and demanded a DNA analysis to prove their lineage.
Hala Sidqi responded to a video circulated by the pioneers of social networking sites for her husband, accusing her of seizing a piece of land that he owns and money from his bank account after he released her a general power of attorney several years ago. She said in private statements at the time to “Masrawy” that she listened to the video circulating. She filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor accusing her husband, his lawyer and the website that published it of defamation.

The artist added: “The video contains many erroneous needs, and they have no basis of validity and the purpose of which is defamation.” .


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