This daily drink disrupts the Corona virus … Know the important details


Everyone fears infection with the emerging corona virus, and he tries in various ways to protect himself and his family from the dreaded virus.

There were numerous studies on the deadly virus, the latest of which was researched by Japanese scientists at Kyoto Medical University.

Researchers have found the effectiveness of black tea in weakening the corona-fighting activity in the saliva of an infected person for two minutes.

But it is not sufficient to prevent virus infection.

According to Russian media, scientists have confirmed that taking a sip of black tea without rushing

Contributes to neutralizing Covid in saliva for two minutes.


This is due to the substance “tannins” found in black tea.

By clarification, the scientists said that the alfalfa substance stops the activity of the Corona virus.

They added that the stronger the concentration of tea, the more tannins it contains, and that it affects the Corona virus.

For his part, Igor Nikitin, head of grain and bakery processing technology, explained that tea lovers can reduce the possibility of infection.

The tannins are void contents with phenolic properties that are found dissolved

It is deposited in the connective or visceral tissue cells of many plant species, among them “tea”.


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