Thiago and return … Anfield stadium with Liverpool for the first time


Spanish midfielder Thiago has not appeared much with a team Leferball The Englishman since his move before the start of the 2020-2021 season, due to his infection with the “Corona” virus and his exposure to repeated injuries that made him leave the stadiums and find the coach yourgen club Difficulty engaging him in Matches.

Due to his absence from the Liverpool team for many matches since the beginning of the current football season, the Spaniard Thiago has played only 5 games with the “Reds”. Remarkably, all of the matches the midfielder played were outside the ground, away from “Anfield”.

Thiago participated in 5 matches with the Liverpool team outside the ground against Chelsea, Everton, Newcastle United, Southampton and Aston Villa, and he did not succeed in any meeting at “Anfield” with his new team since leaving Bayern Munich.

But luck smiled at Thiago at last after a long wait, because he will play his first match for Liverpool at Anfield. It will not be a normal confrontation this time, because it will be against leaders Manchester United, who assured everyone that he wants to compete for the title this season.

Thiago will be an important key element for the German coach Jürgen Klopp, who seeks to excel in the match in order to regain the lead from “United”, and he lost it after Manchester’s victory in his postponed match against Burnley, which means that Thiago’s return came at a time.

Thiago is considered one of the best stars in the midfield in football. He is very zealous with his decisive passes for the offensive line, and his ability to control the rhythm in the midfield, defensively or offensively, and will be an important piece in the German coach Jürgen Klopp’s squad in the face of “El Clasico”.


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