The words of “dangerous intentions” by a Shiite cleric have gone unnoticed!


24 hours have passed since the “fatnawi” speech of the Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abbas Zughaib, who carried multi-directional messages. Sheikh Zughaib, during his statement on Wednesday, demanded that the army commander not “engage in sectarianism with the people of Jbeil,” considering that “the bullying of the army against our people is unacceptable.” It cannot be tolerated, “which constitutes a clear warning and threat of possible reaction.The biggest thing about the statement is that Sheikh Zughaib, the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai, is responsible for the blood if it falls, as this sentence represents a clear “Shiite threat” to the people of Byblos.

In the end, Zgheib’s statement is not related to any effort to “calm down”, except that it fuels “sectarian tension” in the town, so how can a cleric act against what is in line with his religious position?

The most surprising of all is that there was no response from the concerned authorities to the “dangerous” speech that carried a “clear” threat.Zogheib said yesterday, Wednesday, “We were, still, and will remain in Lebanon, defending Muslim-Christian coexistence, and we never accept attacks on church property, and at the same time we will not accept attacks on our people’s property in the Jbeil region, and we will not accept that the army and security forces abuse With them in a negative way, in response to a shepherd here and a bishop there, because the job of the army and security forces is to defend every oppressed and attacked Lebanese citizen. ”

He added, “Therefore, we demand the army commander not to engage in sectarianism with the people of Jbeil, because the language of sectarianism creates tensions at the level of all of Lebanon, and this is what we do not want, because we consider the army the patron of the homeland, and it is not in its interest or the interest of Lebanon to be drawn into sedition, because “The army’s bullying of our people is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.”

He concluded by calling on the Patriarch Al-Rahi to be “the owner of a paternal position,” otherwise he should bear responsibility for the blood if it falls.


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