The United States crosses the threshold of 400,000 deaths from the Corona virus


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                The total number of deaths due to Covid-19 in the United States on Wednesday reached 405,400 deaths, a toll that exceeds the number of American soldiers killed in World War II, according to data published by Johns Hopkins University.  While the new US President Joe Biden said in his sworn speech, "We need all our strength" to confront the "dark winter," adding, "We are entering what may be the most severe and deadly period of the virus."

                                    <p>The death toll from the Corona virus has exceeded in <strong><a target="_blank" href="أمريكا/20210120-قادة-العالم-يهنئون-بايدن-ويرحبون-بانتقال-السلطة-في-الولايات-المتحدة" rel="noopener">United State</a></strong>  The threshold of 400,000 deaths, at a time when the new US President Joe Biden placed fighting the epidemic at the top of his administration's priorities.

The university data, which is considered a reference in tracking injuries and deaths resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, showed that the pandemic had claimed more than 405,400 lives in the United States until Wednesday evening, while the number of American soldiers who were killed in World War II reached 405,399, according to figures. Department of Veterans Affairs.

‘Dark winter’

The toll reflects the enormous human losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States at the start of the new President Joe Biden’s term.

وقال Biden In the oath speech, “We need all our strength” to confront the “dark winter,” adding, “We are entering what may be the most severe and deadly period of the virus.”

The death toll from the United States is equivalent to 20 percent of all Covid-19 deaths in the world, noting that the country’s population is equivalent to four percent of the total global population.

Although the infection rate appears to have reached its peak, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that The mutated version of the Corona virus B.1.1.7, which was first spotted in Britain, will lead to a new boom in the coming months.

Biden said that his administration’s response to the pandemic will be based on evidence-based solutions, in contrast to the approach of his predecessor, Donald Trump, to this file.

The new president is seeking to approve a $ 1.9 trillion aid package in Congress, and on Wednesday he signed an executive order imposing mandatory masks in federal administrations.

The new US administration intends to return the country to the custody of the World Health Organization, after Trump launched the path of Washington’s withdrawal from it, accusing it of being a “puppet of China.”

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