The United Nations sets a date for choosing a transitional government in Libya


The United Nations Mission in Libya announced that nominations for the leadership of a new unified transitional government must take place within a week and that the candidates be voted on in early February.

Since 2014, Libya has been living in a state of division between two rival governments in the capital, Tripoli, in the west of the country and in the east.

And the maneuvering around the new government has raised fears that powerful figures will try to sabotage the process, fearing losing influence.

In November, the United Nations brought together 75 Libyan participants in a political dialogue in Tunis with the aim of drawing up a roadmap for the general elections, to be held in late December.

After wrangling over weeks, dialogue participants this week agreed on rules for choosing a new three-member presidential council and prime minister to oversee the pre-election period.

The United Nations said on Thursday that members of the dialogue will vote on candidates for leadership positions for the new government in Switzerland from February 1 to 5.


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