The UAE registers the Sputnik vaccine for emergency use


The Ministry of Health and Community Protection announced the registration of the Russian “Sputnik” virus vaccine for emergency use, as part of the UAE’s comprehensive and integrated efforts to ensure increased levels of epidemic prevention, and to provide all necessary tools to ensure the health of citizens and residents in the UAE. It is the third vaccine to be registered. And its adoption in the Emirates.
This decision comes after the results of studies showed that the vaccine is effective and resulted in a strong response, and the generation of antibodies to the virus, which is safe to use and fully and completely complies with regulations and laws.
The UAE has hosted the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine, which was developed by the Gamalia Federal Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology Research and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
The director of the Russian Investment Fund, Kirill Dmitriev, said in an exclusive interview with CNBC Arabia, that the vaccine will be registered in the UAE, and this is important for Russia, as the UAE is one of the strongest countries in terms of health care.
Dmitriev added that a large number of doses will be supplied to the UAE and its partners in the next stage, provided that the number of doses will be announced next February, stressing that the vaccine will be approved in Hungary as the first country in Europe, noting that Russia has received requests for more than a billion doses from countries. many.
He explained that the vaccine is manufactured in Russia and a number of countries, including Brazil, Korea and India, adding that an agreement is being made with Kazakhstan to manufacture the vaccine there.
And the director of the Russian Investment Fund indicated that the vaccine is safe, relies on decades-old technology, has an effectiveness of 95%, and has attractive prices. (WAM)


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