The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority concludes the first edition of the UAE Economy Winter Innovation Camp


The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) concluded its virtual winter camp for innovation in its first edition for the citizens of the state, and the citizens of the Cooperation Council residing in the country, by honoring the first place winners and those who submitted the best projects, in the presence of Muhammad Al Kutbi, Deputy Director General of the Authority for the Acting Support Services Sector, the winning students and their parents.

The winter camp aimed to prepare young people, and to invest the mid-year vacation in mastering the skills of dealing with robots and artificial intelligence techniques, with a primary focus on information and communication technology.

This camp complemented the summer innovation camp, which was organized by the authority in its latest version, in which the students were introduced to the various electronic parts and tools, which are essential in the electronics industry, and they acquired the skill to equip a home technical laboratory, which contains many tools, including sensors, control and electronic circuits. In addition to the skill of understanding and installing the parts and robot parts in the correct sequence, they also learned the basics of the programming language and how to control the robot by it, and other skills.

In his speech at the ceremony, Mohamed Al Ketbi, Deputy Director General of the Authority for the Support Services Sector, said: “We aimed, through the winter camp, to invest our children’s time in introducing them to future science, enabling them to deal with the latest technologies, and entering the world of robotics and artificial intelligence professionally and according to a scientific approach. developed.

The exceptional circumstances that the world is witnessing did not prevent us from establishing this camp, as we overcame them by taking advantage of the advanced infrastructure for the communications sector and the advanced technologies that the state provided for all its citizens.

Al Ketbi added: “Today I meet with you and I am proud of the enthusiasm we have witnessed among our children in acquiring new skills. With this winter camp we turn another page in the record of continuous work to build a brighter future for our children after us, that future that will be managed by an educated, educated generation able to comprehend the vocabulary and concepts of science, deal with it and adapt it in the service of his country and society, today we stand steps away from celebrating the Jubilee Golden for the establishment of our glorious union, and as we live in the next fiftieth year, we confirm that the success of our plans and strategy depends mainly on the people of this country, the year of fifty begins with you, dear sons, you are the hope and purpose of tomorrow, and you are the bet of our wise leadership, and your honorable parents ».

1790 laboratories

The number of home laboratories distributed by the authority to the students reached 1790, which were delivered to their homes, in line with the prevention measures approved by the competent authorities, and the students participating in the construction and programming of electronics and robots being used as a major project for this year’s camp, where the tasks were divided over a period of days. the camp.

6 ammunition

During the duration of the camp, the participating students completed the tasks assigned to them, which amounted to 5 practical tasks and one additional task, where the students learned how to equip the home laboratory, ensure safety procedures, how to operate a simplified electronic circuit, and build robots.

13 hours recorded

In order to implement these tasks, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority provided specialized training materials on the website of the Virtual Communications Regulatory Authority Academy. These materials included 13 recorded hours, which are videos produced specifically to train the participants in the camp and provide them with all the information that helps them perform the required tasks, as it included These videos provide information about the robot and its parts, simple electronic circuits, servo motors, sensors and other technologies, as well as safety and security information when dealing with these technologies.

Episodes broadcast daily

During the camp days, the supervisors and trainers communicated directly with the students through the live broadcast service, providing them with all the information and knowledge that would help them develop their skills in building robots and programming them, and how to identify problems and reach solutions to them, as the trainers answered during the live broadcast hours For all inquiries and questions of students participating in the camp.

Winning projects:

The authority confirmed that the students presented a wide range of distinguished projects, and the camp team relied on selecting the winners on the excellence of the idea and performing all the required tasks, and in order to encourage students and in view of the strength of competition, the Commission honored the owners of the best six projects, and the golden award was for each student Sarah Muhammad Hassan Al-Hafiti and student Abdullah Gharib Al-Mansouri, while the silver award went to Fatima Saeed Youssef Al-Mazmi and Ali Hamid Ali Al-Loughani, while the bronze award went to Shahd Hussain Muhammad Al-Yassi and Student Mansour Saleh Rashid Al-Shehhi.

It is noteworthy that the authority organized the first edition of the innovation winter camp virtually, to reflect the authority’s commitment to its social responsibilities towards Emirati students, by providing them with the necessary skills related to the smart city, the safe use of technology and social communication, design and arts, creativity and making the future, building positive skills, and other activities.



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