The strangest marriage story .. See two twin girls who got married to two identical siblings – Newspaper Nort


Twin sisters Brittany and Brianna Dean, 33, share nearly every achievement. They also married a couple, Josh and Jeremy Salears, 35, from Ohio, USA.
Brittany and Brianna revealed, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the gender of their baby in a post on their Instagram page.

It is expected that the children will be similar to the point of congruence, and it is remarkable that both women are pregnant at the same time.
The couple commented on the post by saying, “We are all very pleased that a beloved little boy will join our family … and we are waiting for the gender of the other child to be revealed.”
Brittany and Brianna met Josh and Jeremy at a festival for twins in 2017, and they had a romantic love story, and then they agreed on themarriage After 6 months, they all lived in the same house.


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