The storming of the Capitol is one of the most mysterious days in the nation’s history


US President-elect Joe Biden blamed outgoing President Donald Trump for Wednesday’s riots at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Biden described, in a speech he made Thursday, what happened inside Congress headquarters yesterday as “one of the most mysterious days in the country’s history and an assault on democracy,” adding that those who stormed the Capitol were not protesters but rather “internal insurgents and terrorists.”

Biden stated that what happened yesterday was a direct result of “Trump’s attack on democracy,” and accused him of using crowds of his supporters to silence the American electorate.

Biden stressed that the President of the United States “is not above the law,” noting the need to “restore confidence in the rule of law.”

He added that Trump launched a “widespread attack on democratic institutions” and “clearly demonstrated his contempt for democracy and the rule of law,” which yesterday led to the outbreak of violence.

Source: Reuters


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