The start of the third edition of the Al Ain Film Festival in the UAE


The Emirate of Abu Dhabi launched the third session of the Al Ain Film Festival, despite the strict precautionary measures imposed by the UAE to curb the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Ten films in the Gulf Falcon Competition for Short Films, 6 films in the Gulf Falcon Competition for the Long Film, 15 films in the Emirati Falcon for Short Film Competition, 10 films in the Falcon Competition for Residents’ Films, in addition to 17 films in the Falcon Student Films Competition, will compete for the Festival Awards.

The festival, which was established in 2019, dedicates a section to screening international film events under the title “Cinema of the World”, which includes 12 films from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Ireland, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria.

At the opening, the festival screened the film “Heliopolis” by Jaafar Kassem, which was nominated by Algeria to compete for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

The founder and director of the festival, Amer Salmin Al-Marri, said in the opening speech, which was held in the open air in the presence of a limited number of guests, “The festival was able to record a great challenge in this exceptional circumstance through the increase in the number of film participations from the last session by about 35%, as well as attracting a group From local, Gulf, Arab and international films.

At the inauguration, the festival honored the name of Bahraini screenwriter and producer Farid Ramadan (1961-2020), Emirati director Nujoom Al Ghanim, Emirati producer and director Sheikha Al Yazia bint Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.

In addition to the film screenings, the festival program, which extends until the 27th of January, includes a workshop entitled “Cinematic Language and its Use in Professional Film Industry” under the supervision of Iraqi director and writer Mahdi Al-Babli.


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