The secret of the “hidden message” in Mrs. Jill Biden’s coat


The first lady in the United States, Jill Biden, appeared during the ceremony that followed the inauguration ceremony, Wednesday night, wearing a white coat that appeared simple but carried a “hidden message.”The coat, designed by Uruguayan Gabriela Hearst, has a hidden meaning that symbolizes the patriotism of the country.

According to the Hearst Team, the coat reflects “federal flowers from every state and territory in the United States.”

In a post on her Instagram account, Hearst said that the “message of unity” was the “main inspiration” for the first lady’s clothes.Hearst noted that “the flower of Delaware is placed at the level of the heart of the first lady, and from there, all other flowers branch out” referring to the federal states.

The lining of the coat carries a message reflecting the Biden generation’s career as a teacher, borrowed from a saying by Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I’ll forget. Teach me and I’ll remember. Join me and I’ll learn.”

The designer pointed out that Biden’s clothes were made from locally available fabrics, which were collected with the environment in mind.

The first lady, Jill Biden, appeared on Wednesday night during a ceremony following the inauguration ceremony, in an artistic performance that featured musical performances and a fireworks display.


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