The secret is in the tunnel … a “genius solution” to the dilemma of Real Madrid’s developed stadium


Real Madrid is preparing to open its new stadium, “Santiago Bernabeu,” with its unique advanced technology, after a year of construction in the historic stronghold to turn it into an architectural masterpiece.The most prominent technology in the new stadium is its floor, which will be mobile, allowing it to transform in minutes from a football field to an arena for other sports such as basketball, or to a party hall.

According to the Spanish sports newspaper Marca, the construction of the mobile stadium is the most complicated and difficult part of the renovation process, but club president Florentino Perez insisted on this achievement.

The mobile pitches are usually surrounded by empty spaces that allow the floor to extend out, but the “Santiago Bernabeu” is located in the center of Madrid and is surrounded by buildings, which represented a real challenge.To solve this dilemma, the developer dug a tunnel 30 meters deep under one of the side stands, allowing several floor surfaces to be exchanged according to need.

For example, when the royal team plays, it comes out the grassy surface of the summit, then goes down to the ground tunnel to get out the hard surface designated for other purposes.

With the addition of the moving floor completed, the most difficult process in building the new “Santiago Bernabeu” ended, after which the new advanced roof will be constructed, which will completely change the shape of the stadium.

The stadium is expected to open in the summer of 2022, according to the construction company in charge of the project, while Real Madrid is playing its current matches at the stadium of the academy team “Alfredo Di Stefano”.

Source: Sky News


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