The screening of Jared Leto Morbius is postponed to next October


Just Gerd revealed the postponement of the screening of the movie Morbius, one of the Marvel products, for a period of 7 new months, and the Jared Leto movie was initially supposed to be shown in cinemas in July 2020, but it was postponed to March 2021 due to the Corona epidemic, except that Sony Pictures She has postponed the film’s release to be released on October 8, 2021.

The new Morbius movie, about the original Marvel character, the vampire “Morbius”, from the Marvel Comic Book, starring Jared Leto, Adria Arjuna, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, J.K. Simmons, Terris Gibson, Charlie Shotwell, Ria Find, Corrie Johnson, Tom Forbes, Archie Reno, Medrigal, Ibrahim Popula, Adam Collins, Adam El Hajar, according to a magazine published on the site “imdb”.

The new movie Morbius revolves around the attempt of a biochemist, Michael Morbius, to treat a rare disease in the blood, but he unintentionally infects himself in a way to become a vampire, the new film directed by Daniel Espinosa, and written by Jill Kane, Matt Szama, Berk Sharpless, Roy Thomas .

The report, which was published on the “hollywoodreporter” website, revealed that the American actor Jared Leto, who played the Joker character in the movie Suicide Squad, was upset when Warner Bros company chose actor Joaquin Phoenix instead of him for the role.


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