The Saudi Equestrian Cup hosts “the most famous horses in the world”


The Saudi Cup announced a tentative list of the most famous horses from all over the world, eligible to participate in the second edition of the race, which will be held in February 2021.

This year’s list of horses will have a higher rating than their counterparts last year, which allows for the expectation of stronger competitions for this version that all racing fans around the world are looking forward to, as all of the above will coincide with the aspirations of the Horse Racing Club to raise the level of racing and move from Part three through to the first part, within the classification of the International Horse Racing Federation.

It was decided to significantly expand the range of participation in the race, which will be held over two days in King Abdul Aziz Square in Riyadh on February 19 and 20, 2021 AD, and to increase the prizes and add a new race, thus increasing the number of horses attracted to compete in the races compared to last year.

And everyone is looking forward to the most expensive horse racing in the world, the “Saudi Cup 2021”, which has a prize value of 20 million dollars. The 1800-meter race attracts the best and most famous horses, such as the distinguished mare “Swiss Skydiver” from the United States of America owned by “Kenny Kak Beek” , Who won the “Perkins” race, as well as the “Knicks Go” horse from America who won the “Braders Cup Mile 2020”, and the horse “Charlatan” from America who won the “Malibu Stakes” (first category).

It is possible that more than 100 horses representing nine countries will participate, in addition to the 17 winners of the first category races, and all of them will run on sand and grass tracks.

Among the expected participants is the horse “Musharraf” from Britain, who won second place in the Saudi Derby last year, as well as the horse “Choa Wizard” from Japan, who recently won the award for the best horse in terms of performance on the sandy track for the year 2020, especially as it qualified in the races. Saudi Cup when he won the Champions Cup last month.

Among the list this year is the horse “New York Central”, which is receiving its training locally and the winner of the sand course for the year 2020. Many of those who follow the races are looking forward to the joining of the local horse “Buddy” to the list of participants and its trainer, Shalah Al-Udayani, and the horse won in its last four races, the last of which was the Cup Crown Prince of domestic production horses.

The Saudi race, whose prizes are valued at $ 1.5 million, attracts a group of revered horses, such as “Jackie’s Warrior” from America, the winner of several first-class races, who won fourth place in the recent “Breeders Juvenile Cup” race, as well as the horse “Hot” Rod Charlie, from America, to coach “Doug O’Neill”, the horse “Tiger Tanaka” from France, and the winner of the “Brie Marcel Bossack’s First Class” race.

The list of horses expected to participate in the cup within the grass track for medium distances includes a “2100-meter distance”, whose prizes are worth one million dollars, the horse “Channel Maker” from America for coach “Bill Matt”, which is the winner of the first category races four times, as is the case of the horses. Dubai Warrior, “Extra Elusive” and “Singarius”, all from Britain. The horse “Port Lions”, who was trained in Bahrain by coach “Fawzi Nass”, is betting on winning the race for the second year in a row.

The “Channel Maker” horse may also participate in the Handicap Race for the long distance grass track (more than 3000 meters), which has a prize of $ 2.5 million. 70 horses from all over the world are scheduled to participate in the race, possibly including “Cool The” Wind from France, Prince Au Aran, who participated in many international races, and Berkshire Rocco from Britain, who won second place in the “Saint Leger” race.


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