The rise of Qatar and Bahrain and the exit of Tunisia in the World Cup hand


Something between stumbled Diameter and exit Tunisia Bahrain qualified, and the results of the Arab teams went into the third and final round of the first round of the 27th World Cup of Handball, which is currently being held in Egypt.

In Group Three, Qatar was unable to maintain the top of the standings and lost for the first time to Croatia by a score of 26-24 to fall to second place with 4 points, while Croatia advanced to the top with 5 points.

The first half ended with Croatia leading 13-11 after good performance by the Qataris, but with more than one player speeding on the goal, while the goalkeeper Saric shined in blocking more than one ball.

In the second half, the two teams exchanged goals with the difference narrowing.

Amine Zakar, Franks and Mahmoud Zaki scored more than one goal, while the Croats were brilliant in scoring through the wings, especially through the right wing Zalatko, amid anger at Valero, the coach of Qatar.

With the arrival of the last 10 minutes, the excitement increased, and Croatia advanced 23-22, 24-23, then 25-23 amid intense competition between the players, then the difference increased to 3 goals before the end with 5 minutes in favor of Croatia, until it ended with a Croatian advantage by two goals.

In the same group, Japan defeated Angola 30-29, to clinch Japan’s pass for the next round with 3 points in third place.

In Group Two, Tunisia lost to its Spanish counterpart, 36-30, which is the second loss for the Carthage Eagles in the major tournament.

The balance of the Tunisian national team was frozen at one point, to move to play in the “president” consolation cup, and failed to reach the main role with its technical director Sami Saidi.

And the experiences of the Spanish players played a starring role in granting the superiority to the “Matador” at the expense of the Carthage Eagles, despite the latter’s attempts through his stars Al-Jaziri, Al-Sanai and Maqayz, and the difference remained between 6 to 8 goals in favor of Spain until the referee blew the final whistle announcing Spain’s victory over Tunisia.

Spain raised its score to 5 points in the lead, compared to one point for Tunisia.

In Group D, the Bahraini team qualified for the next round after its success in defeating Congo 34-27, the first victory for Bahrain to raise its score to two points in third place behind Argentina and Denmark.

The Bahraini team performed well, and ended the first half with a score of 14-12 in the midst of resistance to the Congo, before dominating the second half and showing the difference of experience to ensure Bahrain qualifies for the next round.

And it is almost certain that the next round will witness an Arab summit meeting between Qatar and Bahrain within the framework of the second group of the World Cup competitions.


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