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The release of “No Time to Die”, from the James Bond movie series, was postponed to October instead of April, in another setback for the film industry, which

Source: Reuters

The screening of “No Time to Die”, from a film series, has been postponed James Bond, To October instead of April, in another setback for the film industry, which is trying to recover from the Corona pandemic.

The film’s producers and distributors said in an advertisement on the James Bond website and on Twitter, on Thursday, that the new scheduled date for the film’s release is October 8th.

The film, produced and distributed by MGM and Universal Pictures, was originally scheduled to be released in theaters in April 2020, and then the screening was postponed to November 2020 and then to April 2021.

The film, which cost an estimated $ 200 million to produce, stars Daniel Craig.

Movie theaters had hoped that “No Time to Die” would be the start of the movement’s return after the pandemic that wiped out the movie sector in 2020, and cut 80 percent of ticket sales revenue in the United States and Canada.

With the continued spread of the virus in many areas, including Los Angeles, Hollywood production companies are reluctant to put their biggest films in theaters, as many theaters are closed, and those that are open impose strict restrictions on attendance numbers; In order to preserve the rules of social distancing.

The James Bond series of films is one of the most profitable films in the world, with the revenue of (Specter) “The Ghost” $ 880 million, which was produced in 2015, and the revenues of (Skyfall) exceeded one billion dollars, which was produced in 2012.


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