The red planet appears in the sky of Egypt..Mars decorates the nights of January


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The red planet appears in the sky of Egypt..Mars decorates the nights of January, today, Saturday, January 16, 2021 01:22 in the morning

Mars is the only bright planet that shows the nightfall and evening hours throughout January 2021, in addition to observing the other three evening planets – Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn – only at dusk in the evening and leaves the sky at night in the sky of the Arab world.

And Mars observes high in the sky at the beginning of the night and then turns towards the western horizon (due to the rotation of the earth around its axis) during the evening hours, and will set after midnight, knowing that the red planet will slowly fade in the coming months.

Mars will continue to shine like a medium bright star, easy to see with the naked eye throughout January, and the moon will meet it in the second half of this month.

The sky of Egypt and the Arab world witnessed the conjunction of the moon with the planet Mercury, and they were visible to the naked eye in the direction of the west immediately after sunset for a period of about an hour.

Quoting the seventh day

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