The price of the dollar and the euro in Algeria today, Monday, January 11, 2021


The exchange rates of foreign currencies, against the Algerian dinar, fell slightly today, Monday, on the black market in Algeria, according to local websites.

The exchange rate of the dollar and the euro against the Algerian dinar differs in different regions and the informal “black” parallel market traders.

The price of the European currency in the unofficial market was around 219.13 dinars for purchase, and 221.57 for sale.

The price of the dollar in this market settled at 180 dinars for purchase, and 182 for sale.

The average price of the pound sterling was 243.02 dinars for purchase, and 245.72 dinars for sale.

Official prices

The price of the dollar against the dinar at the Algerian Central Bank was 132.57 dinars for purchase, and 133.59 dinars for sale.

The price of the euro fell, to 161.94 dinars for buying, and 162 dinars for sale.

The price of the pound sterling at the Bank of Algeria rose to 179.79 dinars for purchase, and 179.85 dinars for sale.

The price of the Saudi riyal in banks was recorded at 35.33 dinars for purchase and 35.35 dinars for sale.

The average UAE dirham in the Algerian central bank was 36.09 dinars for purchase and 36.10 dinars for sale.

The price of the Kuwaiti dinar at the Bank of Algeria was recorded at 436.39 dinars for purchase, and 437.02 dinars for sale.

The Algerian economy is exposed to several risks, the most important of which are low oil revenues, a record budget deficit, a continuous depletion of foreign exchange reserves, a liquidity crisis and the depreciation of the Algerian dinar.

2020 was not easy for Algeria’s ailing economy 6 years ago due to an economic crisis that intensified its flame during the current year, due to the Corona pandemic and the fluctuation of oil prices, and the effects of the corruption cases of the former regime.

Expectations indicate that foreign exchange reserves will reach less than $ 47 billion in 2020, before a gradual rise over the next two years, according to the 2021 budget.

According to the Algerian Central Bank, foreign exchange reserves decreased between 2014 and 2019, by 65%.


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