The president of the Spanish Federation clarifies the fact that Real was subjected to an arbitration injustice in front of Bilbao


Luis Rubiales, President of the Spanish Football Confederation, explained the fact that Real Madrid suffered an injustice against Athletic Bilbao in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup.

Several press reports claimed that Real Madrid deserved a penalty kick in the final minutes of the match, after the ball touched the hand of Bilbao player Unai Nñez.

The reports indicated that the video technology overlooked the review of the game, which includes a handball, and focused on another incident that witnessed the fall of Sergio Ramos, the Merengi defender, after a bilateral conflict with another player from Bilbao.

According to the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, Rubiales apologized for the occurrence of this controversial matter, due to a mistake from the “Movistar” channel, which failed to show the correct game that is subject to review by the referees of the video technology.

“After the Ramos shared ball was shown, the channel should have shown the handball game which is being reviewed, and I apologize for that,” Rubiales said.

“Hiding the game under review is ridiculous,” Rubiales added. It is a failure of the TV direction. ”

The Spanish newspaper reported that after the match ended, “Movistar” showed all the available clips from the controversial game, which had been reviewed for more than a minute in the video technology, but this matter was not presented during the live broadcast of the meeting.


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