The point that no one has addressed in the relationship of Safwat al-Sharif to the killing of Omar Khorshid


Monday, 18-01-2021
05:45 PM
Tayeb Hussain

The thinker and journalist Mahmoud Sultan has revealed several important points regarding the issue raised about the relationship of the former Egyptian Minister of Information, Safwat al-Sharif, to the killing of the famous guitarist Omar Khorshid and the end of the great artist, Suad Hosni.This came in an episode broadcast on his channel on the famous video site “YouTube”, under the title “The Silence About him in the Relationship of Safwat Al-Sharif with the Murder of Omar Khorshid and Souad Hosni.”

Sultan answered many serious and silent questions about what was reported about the relationship of the controversial Egyptian politician Safwat al-Sharif to the killing of Egyptian serf Suad Hosni and the murder of guitarist Omar Khorshid.

The short clip, in its important time, tries to interrogate and interrogate the silent one down to the truth of the details that have been hidden for decades.


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