The Pentagon blacklists “Xiaomi”, a phone manufacturer, and China condemns it


The United States imposed more restrictions on Chinese companies a few days before the end of US President Donald Trump’s term, according to the German news agency DPA.
The US Department of Defense blacklisted the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, among other companies, yesterday (Thursday), due to alleged military ties, and the company’s shares later fell by more than 10 percent on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
China condemned Washington’s move on Friday, and a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “The Chinese side will take necessary measures to protect the interests of Chinese companies.”
In all, the Pentagon has added nine Chinese companies to the list. American investors should sell shares in these companies by November at the latest.
The Washington Department of Commerce blacklisted the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the third-largest state-owned oil company in China. This makes it more difficult for US companies to do business with the company.
And in December, the United States already imposed restrictions on 60 more Chinese companies.


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