“The Pearl” and other winter series bring together the family and break the depression of “Corona”


01/22 10:06

This year, the winter soap operas proved to be the racehorse, as it has the most number of viewers, after the Egyptian family decided to focus on the channels that broadcast them and break the state of depression and boredom that caused them due to the Corona virus.

The series “Loulou”, “Jamal Al-Harem” and “Aswad Fatih” imposed itself on the Egyptian family, and gained its trust from the first day of its showing, to be its daily outlet, and these works succeeded in being the most watched list.

From her side, the actress Najla Badr said – in press statements – that the series “Lu’lu ‘” succeeded in leading the trend of social media after each episode; Because it discusses an issue that many women in society face, which is that many girls fall in love and do not control their emotions, especially if the girl falls victim to a selfish man.

She stressed her enthusiasm for any work dealing with women’s issues, calling for the need to shed light on many of the problems facing girls in Arab societies.

She attributed the reason for the success of the series and the audience’s attachment to it to its new story and the lack of competition during these days, noting that there is nothing in the presented works that resembles the story of “Pearl”, and the audience is enjoying the combination in the series, and is waiting for new episodes.

Likewise, the series “The Beauty of the Harem” won the admiration of the audience as a strong warning message to viewers against being led by magicians and sorcerers, in light of the frightening spread of the phenomenon.

The series takes place in a context of suspense and excitement, as the heroine and her friend are exposed to crises with the jinn and goblins, and the events follow.

In turn, actress Dina Fouad, one of the protagonists of the series, confirmed that the work is a dramatic symphony and a new qualitative shift in Egyptian drama and carries a different spirit.

Dina Fouad did not deny her fear of reactions because the work is difficult and contains horror scenes in a very real way, noting that the character that she plays in the series is taken from real stories from tales of quackery and sorcery, and appears on the screen in the role of a dressed girl and also a normal girl.

She added that her role depends on acting and emotions, and falls under complex and difficult roles because there are great contradictions, which required her to have a strong psychological focus in order to be honest in front of the audience, as she appears as a “goblin”, chasing Khaled Selim and the Lebanese Nour, throughout the events.

The series “Black Fateh” follows the same path, as it is considered one of the most watched works of art and its events take place in a social context that is not without suspense about a girl called Rania Khattab – embodied by the artist Haifa Wehbe – who is an aristocratic girl who suddenly loses her good life, to find herself in the swirls of Treachery and betrayal from the closest people, and she evaded accusations of murder and corruption, and she seeks revenge and restore her life throughout the events of the series.


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