The pandemic spreads death, pain and tears to the world


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Paris : The Covid-19 pandemic spreads sadness, despair, tears and unemployment wherever it occurs, as it not only takes lives with the number of deaths reaching two million a year, but also paralyzes economic life.

But the vaccination campaigns bring hope to people around the world who are struggling to continue despite the epidemic, which is evident in photos and testimonies collected by AFP correspondents.

Germany: 750 tons dead

“We currently receive 400 (coffins) a week to burn them,” says Jörg Schaldach, director of the cremation center in Meissen, eastern Germany, which is twice the usual number in winter. He adds, “To all those who deny the truth of the emerging corona virus, come and help us transport the coffins … We have carried 750 tons of the dead.”

“Saturday was the worst day,” according to Roberto Freitas, 32, in Manaus, in the Brazilian Amazon. He recounted, “A municipal employee told me that the oxygen would not arrive in time, and that I could from now on bring a refrigerated truck to collect the bodies. Tears are all that remains.”

“There is no longer a job. Nothing!” Yoichiro, a 46-year-old construction worker, told AFP. “In Japan, the media often doesn’t talk about the issue, but many people sleep in train stations and in cardboard boxes. Some of them are starving,” he added.

“This is definitely the darkest station in my entire career, no doubt about it,” says Carrie Maguire, nurse supervising palliative care in rural Apple Valley. “It is enormous, the number of deaths exceeds everything I have known in the past,” she added.

16 funeral requests rejected

Vanessa Arias, a nurse in the intensive care unit, complains: “It is tough, we are human beings and we are doing our best. But we have seen countless dead people in recent weeks, we are in the eye of the hurricane.”

“Last weekend I had to refuse requests from 16 families for which I could not organize a funeral. It’s as if I were putting all the names in a hat and drawing a name out of them by lot,” said Candy Boyd, owner of a funeral home. “The situation is getting out of control,” it concludes.

“Here, to get a bed, you have to wait until someone dies or leaves … It’s difficult, but this is the reality,” explains Angel Zuniga, coordinator of the Red Cross in Toluca, a suburb of Mexico.

“Wuhan is now the safest city in China, even in the world,” says Xiong Liansheng, 66.

“India is not like Europe in terms of immunity, we are better off,” said Senjai Sharma, 50, as he participates in the Kumbh Mela Hindu festival, the largest religious festival in the world. Before, for fear of a simple flu or a cough, “he continues,” the biggest reality on earth is death. What is the point if we live in fear? ”

“This is all that was left for us: respect for our dead. And our insensitive government, which lacks the slightest sense of our reality, takes it from us.” With those words, a man in his thirties expresses his suffering after burying his father in a quick ceremony that lasted only a few minutes. “It is painful. They were unable to take the simplest measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, and now they are punishing us for their failure.”


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