The nomination for the Saudi Ophthalmological Society Shield and the Distinguished Optometrist Shield for 2021 begins


The Saudi Ophthalmological Society announced the opening of the nomination window for its working members, including ophthalmologists, ophthalmologists, and optometrists, for those who wish to run for either the Saudi Ophthalmology Shield 2021, or the distinguished optometrist shield 2021. .The appointed head of the Awards Committee, Dr. Othman Al-Omar, explained that it is possible to nominate by entering the link of each of the two shields, and sending the nomination form with a CV, and the last date for receiving nominations is on February 10, 2021 AD, and any working member of the association can nominate himself for any of the two Dir’in, as it is possible That two of the members nominate any other active member in the association. On the conditions for choosing a candidate for the shield, Dr. Othman Al-Omar explained that the candidate should be an ophthalmologist or “distinguished” optometrist in the specialty, and among the members of the association for a period of no less than 5 years, and those who provided distinguished services, including: community service and work to deliver it to the largest sector of The community, especially in areas outside the major regions – Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, and it can also be given to a doctor or optometrist from one of those areas.

Then comes the focus of service and the creation of programs that enhance the level of medical education and provide better specialized medical services that benefit the community, as well as the candidate’s establishment of training and educational programs to serve doctors in his area, and it is a condition that the shield is not granted to the same candidate until 5 years have passed since he was granted the shield. And that the person had given during those years what was really worth repeating the shield again.

Dr. Othman Al-Omar adds that the candidate’s CV or the candidate’s CV must be submitted that illustrates his or her accomplishments until the current year .. Association Shield Link: ( For his part, Dr. Khaled Jamous, Chairman of the Optometry Committee and a member of the Board of Directors, explained that every optometrist from the working members of the Saudi Ophthalmological Society can apply by entering and fill out the nomination form with the CV before the specified date, through the link of the Optics Shield (https: // forms .gle / ZfGrtvoHbX9GYs9Z6).


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