The night of Omar Khorshid’s murder … Details of the last moments in the life of the musician


Al Youm Al Sabea TV, in its special coverage prepared by Ahmed Hosni and presented by colleague Alaa Sheta, shed light on the death of one of the most famous guitarists in the Arab world, the musician Omar Khorshid, who was born into an artistic family, his father, Ahmed Khorshid, a professor of cinematography, and the artist, Sherihan, his half-sister.

On the 29th of May 1981, the artistic community received the news of the death of the famous guitarist Omar Khorshid in a car accident, which remains mysterious until now.

Khorshid died, when he was not at the age of 36 in front of his house in the pyramid, after his car collided with a lighting pole, and his wife Dina and the artist Madiha Kamel were with him, after completing his work in one of the nightclubs on Haram Street.

The wife of the artist, Omar Khorshid, told the story of his murder, during the investigations. She said: “After completing a party on Haram Street, we were surprised by a green car that started chasing them, and according to Dina’s words, the car was not satisfied with pursuing them, and its owners began to provoke Omar and insulted him. And his wife, then they started harassing his car with their car, and trying to push him out of the road he was traveling on, and despite Omar’s efforts to control the steering wheel, he eventually got off the road to hit an island that was in the middle of the road, while his body flew with tremendous force from The car was hit by a lamp post. “

39 years, security forces searched for those accused of killing the great musician without benefit, to restrict a new case “against anonymous.”


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