The name of Hatem Ali, the owner of “Palestinian Westernization”, on a street in Tulkarm in the West Bank


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                On Wednesday 01/27, the Palestinians launched the name of the late Syrian director Hatem Ali, the owner of the series "Al-Taghribiyya Al-Filastiniya," on a street in Tulkarm in the West Bank, in his honor.

                                    <p>A picture of Ali is inscribed on a marble plaque placed on the façade of a building adjacent to the street.  Next to the picture was written on the painting: “The writer and artist, the creative Syrian director, was born in the Golan in 1962, and a child witnessed the bitterness of displacement after its occupation, which intersects with the tragedy of Palestinian refugees in 1948, which he witnessed in his youth and youth, where he lived in the Yarmouk camp in Syria.” He remained faithful to the justice of the Palestinian cause. And the legitimate rights of its people, so Chronicle of the Palestinian narrative in the series of Palestinian Westernization in the face of the narrative of the occupier  In the series Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, I root for the place of the holy Palestinian place in the consciences of the faithful Muslims and Christians.

Palestinian Minister of Culture Atef Abu Seif said, “The naming of this street in the name of Hatem Ali came in honor of the late artist, and to commemorate his fragrant memory and gratitude from the Palestinian people for the great works of art that he did.” “This artist who accompanied the Palestinian cause, the first cause of the Arabs, is a great thank you from Palestine to the late, and it is a gesture that Palestine does not forget those who stand by and support its just cause,” he added in a statement by the Ministry of Culture. Abu Seif added, “It is a message to Arab artists to work for their first Arab cause, the cause of Palestine. Hatem Ali, who was loyal to Palestine, was aware that Palestine is the true compass for Palestinian and Arab pain.”

The Syrian director Hatem Ali died on the 29th of last month, at the age of 58, as a result of a heart attack in a hotel in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. And the late one of the most prominent makers of Arab television drama, acting, producing, writing and directing, his work was not limited to Syria only, but also extended to the entire Arab region. Abu Seif said, “The late Hatem Ali believed that the issue was the issue of all Arabs and fought to convey the Palestinian voice of truth and expose the crimes that were committed against our people during the Nakba.”

He added, “This is precisely what Hatem Ali did in the Palestinian alienation and other works of art that affirmed the Palestinian right in these countries and exposed the historical injustice inflicted on our people by the Zionist gangs.” Ali began his artistic career in the eighties, as an actor, so he participated in the series (Circle of Fire), (The Last Man), (Cave of the Maghrib), (Poppy), (Dreams for Deferred), (Al-Jawarih), (Al-Ababid), (Man S) and (Al-Gharibah) Palestinian). In the mid-nineties, he turned to directing and was passionate about historical works and biographies, so he presented the series (Al-Zeer Salem), (Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi), (Saqr Quraysh), (Rabih Qurtuba) and (Kings of Taifa).

And his ambition led him to transcend geographical boundaries, so his work extended to all parts of the Arab region, where he presented the series (King Farouk), (Underground), (As if Imarah) and (Oh this is what happened) in Egypt, and in the Gulf he presented the series (Struggle on the Sand) and ( The doors of clouds) and (Omar). In the cinema, he presented short and long fictional films, including (Lovers), (Selena), (Long Night) and (Passion) and others.



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