The mutated Corona is more deadly and spreading faster .. adhere to the measures!


The head of the Doctors Syndicate, Sharaf Abu Sharaf, revealed the formation of cells of two hundred fifty doctors and five hundred nurses distributed all over Lebanese territory, noting that the need is for three hundred cells to follow up on Corona patients at home and to secure the respiratory equipment and medicines they need in their treatment, provided that they start their work early next week.

In an interview with “The Voice of All Lebanon”, he appealed to the concerned agencies “to cooperate and secure the required funding to facilitate the work of these cells.”

Abu Sharaf renewed the call of citizens to “adhere to complete closure and preventive measures with compassion for the medical and nursing staff,” noting that “the mutated Corona virus is more deadly and faster spreading and increasing the number of deaths, but the results of the preliminary studies revealed that the Pfizer vaccine is effective to combat it.”

Abu Sharaf stated that “the danger is still present in this period between the outbreak of the epidemic and securing the vaccine, and cooperation and responsibility is required.”


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