The moon is associated with Mars all night, and the planet appears to the naked eye as a burning orange point


The Arab world is monitored in the sky of Egypt throughout the night, the occurrence of the growing humpback moon near Mars, in a phenomenon easily seen with the naked eye if the sky is clear.

Mars is the only bright planet that appears after the nightfall and evening hours throughout the month of January 2021, as it observes high in the sky at the beginning of the night and then heads towards the western horizon (due to the Earth’s rotation around its axis) during the evening hours.

Mars appears to the naked eye as a burning orange point, and to see the planet’s disk an observer will need to use an 8-inch and larger telescope and prefer to use color filters to improve the visibility of the main surface terrain of the planet.

Last October, 2020, Mars replaced Jupiter as the fourth bright celestial body to illuminate the sky (after the sun, the moon and Venus, respectively) in conjunction with the convergence and the closest point to our planet, but with the beginning of last November, Jupiter clearly regained its usual position In the celestial hierarchy, because the Earth, in its faster and smaller orbit around the sun, is now moving away from Mars, so, the Red Planet is slowly diminishing in the Earth’s sky.



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