The mold of Ramez Jalal 2021 … despite the secrecy, the victims of the “Zamalek Stars”


The Lebanese newspaper “Al-Nahar” revealed details of the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal’s landfill program, which will be shown in Ramadan 2021.

The newspaper said that “every year, the preparation of the landfill program for Ramez Jalal is kept secretly and with great secrecy, amid speculation and ambiguity about the type of prank he prepares for each season, and according to special information, Jalal began filming his program in Dubai, completing ten episodes so far, and his victims were players.” Zamalek Club, they are: Tariq Hamed, Ferjani Sassi, and Ashraf Bin Sharqi.

The newspaper added: “He did not know what the idea of ​​the plot was, nor the name of the program, but this time Jalal will not seek the help of any person, whether artistic or media, to be the bait with which to lure his victims, while some news mentioned that he used the Saudi broadcaster Jane Omran to be the bait that he lures with.” Victims, and Jalal faces some difficulties due to the Corona pandemic, as some artists refuse to travel and move for fear of the epidemic.

The Cairo Economic Appellate Misdemeanor Court in Egypt set the date for the trial of the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal and the owner of “MBC”, Walid Al-Ibrahim.

Egyptian media reported that the court had set March 9 to look into the case, after the office of attorney Salah Bakhit and Hani Sameh had requested that the criminal case be filed against Ramez and Walid Al Ibrahim for the crime of assaulting intellectual property for the Ramiz Ramadan program.

As a result, the Agouza Misdemeanor Court referred the case to the Misdemeanor Economic Court, which issued its judgment acquitting Ramez and Walid.

The complainant appealed the ruling, which referred the case to appeal.

In the case papers, it was stated that Ramez Jalal and Walid Al-Ibrahim violated the moral and financial rights of the writer of the idea of ​​the program, Hayam Kamal, who is a partner in authoring the Ramiz Ramadan program as the author of the written idea of ​​the program, especially the programs “Ramez Underground” and “Ramez Under Zero” “.

And accuses them of stealing the written idea of ​​the work and working with it verbatim after obtaining in detail and completely from Hiam over the course of many long working sessions.


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