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At a time when peace is dissolving, states exchange waves of turmoil, and hostile states seek to destroy states and fuel strife, the Kingdom is progressively moving on the road to promoting growth, survival, and stability, through ambitious humanitarian and economic visions that are positively reflected on people and stone, and open paths of life for future generations. And when you read the thought and ambition of the young Prince Mohammed bin Salman, you are in front of a creative, creative personality with a blazing vision. It seeks to burn the stages and achieve the achievement … and before us among the package of innovative projects in Vision 2030, the “The Line” project, which was launched by the Crown Prince as the first for smart cities, which is a practical translation and a step in the way of implementing the Crown Prince’s pledges to transform the Middle East into a new Europe The fact that the city of Neom will become Europe of the West … and the compass of the East … and when we talk about Neom, the genius behind the choice of the site necessarily comes to mind, that overlooks the Red Sea coast, and extends between three countries, so its structure and lands reach Egypt and Jordan, as well as linking it between three continents Asia, Africa and Europe.Prince Muhammad bin Salman described the giant “The Line” project in the NEOM area as being an urban revolution for people that puts people first, stressing that needs can be spent in a 5-minute walk, and the cost of infrastructure in it is 30% less, while the quality of services is higher. 30%, and 100% renewable energy.

The Kingdom, through the “The Line” project, provides the whole world with a global and effective model for the cities of the twenty-first century, through smart cities that include all elements of living, infrastructure, transportation, communications, transport and supply in harmony with nature and the basis of which is preservation of the environment.

The “The Line” project reflects the acceleration of construction and completion in the future city, which is one of the most prominent projects of Vision 2030 and embodies the Crown Prince’s vision for the future and the need to build smart cities from scratch by inventing new concepts for urban development, which will place the Kingdom in the ranks of developed countries and at the forefront of attractive countries. .

One of the main goals behind NEOM is to provide the Saudi labor market with more job opportunities, which are reflected positively on the desire of future generations to live, and the insistence on making the rocks speak hope, and the sea praises the future.

Among the most effective thing that can be said about NEOM is that those in charge of it, headed by the Crown Prince, are pursuing their path of creativity, and we all know that today’s innovation economy will inevitably serve as a compass that determines the success of nations. The “The Line” project is considered one of the projects of the next generation of smart cities through its reliance on artificial intelligence, high-speed communications, robots and advanced invisible technologies in construction, design and interaction with its residents, which makes it an important turning point in the way of achieving the future city of NEOM.

The Saudi vision of the world at the present time is consistent with the ethics that seek the common good of creation as a whole, and in NEOM we find a creative Saudi will to salvage the global ecological dimension that is linked to climate change and its negative effects on the future of the globe, as facing climate change requires more efforts and cooperation in The field of circular carbon economy, reducing the harmful emissions resulting from it, and optimizing the use of it in the economic life cycle.

The Kingdom does not lack anything to create and build a giant development project such as NEOM, of which the smart cities are considered one of the most important components of the Line. It has the will, ambition and capabilities to contribute to a prominent role internationally to advance human development.

“The Line” project … the city of smart people.

“NEOM” … Western Europe … and the East Compass.


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