The largest Muslim country by population issues a new fatwa on the Corona vaccine


The European Medicines Agency announced, on Wednesday, that it has given the green light to use the American company Moderna vaccine against the emerging corona virus, in the second decision of the European Union related to licensing a vaccine for the virus.

The Amsterdam-based regulator said in a statement that “the European Medicines Agency recommended granting a license to conditionally market the Moderna vaccine against Covid-19, in order to prevent people from 18 years of age from contracting the Coronavirus 2019.”

This is the second vaccine to obtain a license from the European Medicines Agency, after allowing the use of the Pfizer / Biontech vaccine in the 27 countries of the Union.

“This vaccine provides us with another tool to overcome the current emergency,” said Executive Director of the Medicines Agency, Imer Koc, in a statement.

She added, “It is a testament to the efforts and commitment of all concerned to have a second positive recommendation for a vaccine less than a year after the World Health Organization declared the pandemic.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that the license is “good news for our efforts to provide more Covid-19 vaccines to Europeans.”

At a time when vaccination campaigns began in a number of countries, the virus continues to spread, as more than 86,395,630 people in the world have been infected with the virus since the beginning of the epidemic, of whom at least 53,992,400 have recovered.

The new Corona virus has caused the death of one million and 869 thousand and 674 people in the world since the WHO office in China reported the outbreak of the disease at the end of December 2019.


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