The Kuwaiti Newspaper Newspaper | Nicole Saba: Tired of home quarantine


             <h2>Because of the outbreak of the second wave of "Corona" in Beirut</h2>
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                    <p class="ar">The Lebanese artist Nicole Saba has expressed her annoyance at the continuing home quarantine due to the outbreak of the second wave of the Corona virus.
                    <p class="ar">Saba expressed her hope that this crisis would end quickly;  Because years of life pass without feeling them and time steals the most beautiful days, asking those who love them at the same time to pay close attention to their health.</p>

                    <p class="ar">And she continued, "We are tired of this difficult situation, as there are restrictions imposed, precautions and measures in place in every issue or matter that you intend to do. These are exceptional and very difficult circumstances."</p>
                    <p class="ar">And her fans shared a picture of her in which she appeared in black and white, putting on a black head covering and commenting: “Yes, the days and nights of the home quarantine are still going on .. and you nailed us with her as if time is standing sweetly, but the difference is what snatches our life and the best years of our life .. God cuts these days on good. We can get rid of it well .. Pay attention to your condition.</p>



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