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             <h2>12-cylinder twin-turbo, with a capacity of 6.75 liters

With a feeling of extreme luxury, Rolls-Royce wrote new letters in the beauty of the all-new Ghost, after coming out with unspeakable royal details that proved to be one of the most beautiful things that this company with an ancient English legacy made after its experience of driving in the country’s streets, at the special invitation of Ali Alghanim and Sons Automotive; The exclusive agent for Rolls-Royce brand in Kuwait.

                    <p class="ar">The new Rolls-Royce Ghost shone on the roads of Kuwait, embodying the purest expression of Rolls-Royce with its exceptional design as an unrivaled masterpiece of engineering and craftsmanship. </p>
                    <p class="ar">The Rolls-Royce brand is always looking for innovative ways to dazzle lovers of luxury and the magical world of Rolls-Royce, after Ali Alghanim & Sons Automotive Company has allocated a specific number of customers and the media a unique opportunity to drive this amazing car with its simplicity and technical sophistication, and to be among the first to test this masterpiece. </p>
                    <p class="ar">Ghost's first model reflected the interests of a new generation of customers who wanted a simpler and less ostentatious way to own a Rolls-Royce. </p>
                    <p class="ar">The car achieved a brilliant success that met our utmost ambitions.  Since the launch of the Ghost ten years ago in 2009, it has become one of the most successful models in the brand's 116-year history. </p>
                    <p class="ar">In the design language of this vehicle, the designers, engineers and craftsmen of Rolls-Royce have requested that they be given the freedom to create a specific character for the new Ghost.  Create an original and ultra-luxury product without the limitations of the pallets used to support the bulky vehicles.  Hence the importance of the Rolls-Royce engineered aluminum frame. </p>
                    <p class="ar">In its simplest form, the Rolls-Royce body rests on 4 fixed points, one at each corner of the car.  The aluminum moving bulkhead, floor, beams and sill panels have been carefully designed to meet the expectations of customers looking for a car that can be enjoyed in person or with a driver.  Two of the new Ghost suspension mounting assemblies were transferred to the front, and the 6.75-liter V12 engine was located behind the front axle to distribute the weight evenly between the two sides. </p>
                    <p class="ar">To achieve this without affecting the interior of the new Ghost, its overall length was increased by 89 mm, compared to the first Ghost, to 5546 mm, and the overall width increased by 30 mm, to 1978 mm.  Notable changes have also been made to the two-deck parapet and the floor structure coating.  All this aims to combine the four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering system with the flat chassis suspension in an all-new design, enhancing the Magic Carpet experience of Rolls-Royce.  The team succeeded in achieving this goal without compromising the car's low center of gravity, which helps enhance cornering dynamics. </p>
                    <p style="color: a11c8e; font-size:22px; direction:rtl;">563 horsepower</p>
                    <p class="ar">In response to customer feedback who demanded near-instant torque and near-silent operation, Rolls-Royce decided to develop the V12 petrol engine with a twin-turbocharger of 6.75 liters.  A new engine map has been created for the Ghost, ensuring this dynamic car's performance boosts with a net output of 563 hp / 420 kW and 850 Nm / 627 lb-ft of torque that seamlessly transmits to the all-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive system.</p>
                    <p class="ar">To customer expectations, maximum torque is available from only 1,600 rpm - just 600 rpm over slow engine operation and the car in idle mode.  The air intake system also incorporated larger inlets to reduce the engine noise in the cabin, thus improving the car's impressive acoustics. </p>
                    <p style="color: a11c8e; font-size:22px; direction:rtl;">Flat suspension</p>
                    <p class="ar">The Magic Carpet experience by Rolls-Royce has been remarkable.  Engineering experts completely redesigned the suspension system in the new Ghost, to introduce what is known as the Planar suspension system.  Named after the flat and flat geometry, the system is the result of 10 years of testing and development to create a feeling of flying on the ground that a car has never achieved before.</p>
                    <p class="ar">This innovation has been achieved through physical engineering achievements and an advanced scanning system with technically advanced programs, as it combines the upper crossbar damping unit above the front suspension assembly in a feat that is the first of its kind in the world, adding more stability and smoothness to the car during Leadership.</p>

                    <p class="ar">The innovation works in conjunction with the Flagbearer system, which uses cameras to read the road ahead and configures the suspension system for any potential changes to the road surface, as well as the brand's satellite-assisted transmission system.  These technologies are managed under a unified program, the Flat Architecture System.  The new Ghost model can now anticipate and deal with road surfaces, no matter how difficult they are. </p>
                    <p style="color: a11c8e; font-size:22px; direction:rtl;">A grove of beauty</p>
                    <p class="ar">Rolls-Royce's clear understanding of the changing consumption patterns of customers and a broad outlook on design movements has led to a firm conviction that the concept of simplicity should be followed in a car's interior, just like the exterior design.  Intricate detailing and surface trimmings are no longer required.  This is due to the customers' desire for a comfortable and uncomplicated environment, with a focus on the quality of the materials used and the enhancement of the color effect required according to personal tastes.</p>
                    <p class="ar">Wood collections for the new Ghost are available in open-pore designs, reflecting the brand's confidence in displaying its materials in full transparency.  Indeed, two new designs were specially created for the car.  The first design is Obsidian Ayous, inspired by the rich diversity of colors in lava rocks.  The second is Dark Amber, which adds a subtle sparkle to the interior by incorporating fine lines of aluminum particles into the dark wood.</p>
                    <p class="ar">The leather accents remain exposed in the form of leaves clad in a single long veneer, divided by real cool-touch metal vents through which purified air through the micro-environmental filtration system reaches the cabin.</p>
                    <p style="color: a11c8e; font-size:22px; direction:rtl;">The most advanced</p>
                    <p class="ar">The new Ghost model is distinguished by its simplicity, which is the secret of its perfection, yet creating this pure and purified environment has been one of the biggest challenges that Rolls-Royce has faced in the history of the brand.  Indeed, the new Ghost was the most technologically advanced car.  Other in-vehicle equipment includes LED and laser headlights that illuminate a wide field of more than 600m, and a visibility enhancement feature including an animal or pedestrian warning, day and night;  Attention Assist System  A system of four cameras with a panoramic view, a panoramic view and a top three;  Effective speed control;  Collision warning system;  Reverse warning system;  Lane departure and lane change warning system;  Market-leading 7x3 HD front view display;  Possibility to connect to a "Wi-Fi" network;  Self parking feature and the latest navigation and entertainment systems. </p>
                    Purify the micro-environment
                    <p class="ar">The new Ghost has a new MEPS micro environmental purification system.  The current air filtration technology has been developed and includes a whole host of hardware and software improvements.  Highly sensitive sensors that detect air quality have been introduced and the fresh air inlets automatically switch to recirculation in the event that unacceptable levels of airborne pollutants are detected.  All the air in the cabin is then converted into a nanofiber filter to remove the finest particles from the micro-environment inside a Rolls-Royce in less than two minutes.</p>
                    «Bespoke Audio»
                    <p class="ar">In addition to creating a quiet and almost silent cabin, Rolls-Royce sought to further excel in the audio field by creating unparalleled acoustics with the brand's Bespoke Audio engineers.  These men and women participated in the engineering design phase to create a distinctive sound system for the new Ghost, creating a high quality of sound in the car.</p>
                    Newspaper experience.  The secret of calm and silence of beauty
                    <p class="ar">Silence in the campus of beauty ... beauty ... and the silence of the new Rolls-Royce Ghost engine is the beauty that reflects the spirit of this vehicle, which was manufactured according to different equations in the world of tranquility, after the sound engineers of Rolls-Royce were able and with extensive experience in the field of achieving calm Full while on the road.</p>
                    <p class="ar">The all-new Ghost proved during the "Al Jarida" experience at a very special invitation from Ali Alghanim and Sons Automotive Company, the exclusive agent of Rolls-Royce in Kuwait, that it is a very different model with its interior and exterior design and a story that the English manufacturer has never told. The beauty of its exterior design can only be described as royal.</p>



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