The intention to disable .. is apparent from the beginning!


The circles pointed out that the intention of obstruction was apparent in front of the Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri from the beginning, and from here was his determination to pursue his mission as dictated by the responsibility that he had before assuming it in this circumstance, and to draw up a draft of a government of the size of the stage of personalities who have no fault in their morality and efficiency, and deposited it The Republic is Michel Aoun, and is waiting for his signature on it, and by that he will have fulfilled his duty with all responsibility, and the ball is in the court of the President of the Republic.

Regarding the “leaked video”, circles close to Hariri indicated that “this video, with its insulting and untrue talk, came as a culmination of the disruptive path that the President’s team is pursuing, noting that all people learn the certainty of who is the idle who seeks to Imposing conditions for controlling the government and controlling its decisions and directions, and who is facilitating the formation of an important government that starts the rescue process and begins the reconstruction of Beirut. , This matter is not at all out of the question, and this matter will not be seen by anyone paying it, except in dreams. “

Source: The Republic


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