The head of the detained boat: Saudi Arabia released 35 fishermen after paying a fine of 5 thousand riyals


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On Tuesday, the Saudi authorities released the Egyptian boat “Al-Shifa”, carrying 35 fishermen from Dakahlia, who were detained for a week in the port of “Forsan”, of the Emirate of “Jazan”, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The fishermen confirmed that the release took place after intervention The Egyptian Consulate in Saudi Arabia, and the payment of 5 thousand Saudi riyals for the release of all of them.

Islam Alloush, head of the boat, confirmed that they were on their way back to the port of Branis in Suez, after they sailed with their boat on the way back to Egypt.

He said: “We were fishing on January 10, because of the strong winds and the length of the boat, which is 38 meters, and the engine’s power is only 850 horsepower. The engine did not withstand the force of the winds, and I had to stop inside the sea, but the place where we stopped was within the Saudi territorial waters, and we found The Saudi authorities arrested us, and we were pulled to the Al-Forsan port, and we were detained there until the Egyptian authorities intervened to release us »

He added, “We found good treatment from the Saudis there, but the law imposes a fine of 5 thousand Saudi riyals on boats that fish in their territorial waters, with reservations on any quantity of fish on board or being detained for a month. Thank God the fine was paid and the authorities intervened to speed up our release.”

On the same level, he appeals to the families of 33 fishermen in the city of Al-Matareya in the Governorate of Dakahlia to intervene to release them after the detention of their boat in Eritrea, similar to the intervention of the Saudi authorities.

Emphasizing that they have no income or livelihood since their relatives left for hunting.

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