The government of Lebanon .. accusations and controversy between Hariri and Bassil


Reciprocal accusations about obstructing the formation of the Lebanese government returned to the forefront between the political parties with the stalemate that overwhelms the process of its formation.

After the failure of all the attempts to overcome the obstacles, the latest of which was the initiative of the Maronite Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi, it seems clear that matters are still in place, which is reflected in the data on both the “Free Patriotic Movement” headed by the president’s son-in-law, Michel Aoun, and the prime minister-designate, Saad Hariri.

A similar debate took place three weeks ago between the two parties, which led to the sponsor’s initiative to bridge the gap in viewpoints and led to two meetings held between Aoun and Hariri before New Year’s Day, without producing any results.

Hariri announced at the time that Aoun and Bassil were demanding the obstructing third in the government, that is, 7 ministers out of 18, in addition to their obtaining the ministries of Defense, Interior and Justice, which the Prime Minister-designate rejects, in return for Aoun accusing Hariri of monopolizing the Christian share, which the latter denied, stressing that his choice of ministers in the formation that was Presented by Aoun, it was based on the provisions of the French initiative, which is based on selecting non-political personalities from among the specialists.

The data indicate that Hezbollah is standing behind Bassil and Aoun to obstruct the formation of the government, pending the assumption of the US president-elect Joe Biden and the clarity of the US-Iranian negotiations.

And after the government’s consultations were frozen since Christmas, and then Hariri’s departure from Lebanon, he accused the “strong Lebanon bloc” of parliament, meaning the Free Patriotic Movement, of creating obstacles.

In a statement, he called on the Prime Minister-designate to assume his responsibilities and carry out his national and constitutional duties, so that he stops consuming time and returns from travel to focus on what is required of him and not to fabricate internal obstacles to hide the real reasons behind the delay in the formation process.

This prompted Hariri to respond, saying: “Whoever obstructs the country has no right to teach lessons,” referring to Lebanon being suspended for two and a half years before Aoun was elected with the support of Hezbollah in 2016.

Hariri’s office said in a statement: “Lebanon’s strong bloc returns to its preferred policy of holding others responsible for the obstacles that it creates from a previous conception and design, and today it is new to call on the Prime Minister-designate to assume his responsibilities and carry out his national and constitutional duties.”

The statement continued, “The bloc and its president missed that the designated president performed his national and constitutional duties to the fullest and presented the president of the republic with a government formation of non-partisan specialists known for their competence and success while she was waiting for the president of the republic to complete her studies.

He added, “The powerful Lebanese bloc and its president have also missed that the problem is clear and its title is known to everyone. It is internal by adhering to impossible conditions that undermine everything stipulated in the French initiative and eliminate any hope of dealing with the crisis, starting from stopping the collapse and ending with the reconstruction of what the port destroyed.”


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