The government is divided over imposing a third quarantine to combat the Coronavirus pandemic


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                Ten days after the curfew was imposed at six o'clock in the evening in France, Emmanuel Macron chairs Wednesday a new meeting of the Health Defense Council to discuss new preventive measures that reduce the severity of the Corona virus epidemic with the spread of infections with new strains.  Although the third quarantine scenario is still on the table, the government is contemplating how this quarantine could take.

                                    <p>The Health Defense Council, which will be held on Wednesday, is expected to take a new meeting headed by Emmanuel Macron, a new package of preventive measures aimed at reducing the severity of the spread. <strong><a target="_blank" href="برامج/ضيف-اليوم/20210126-كوفيد-19-فرنسا-تدرس-تشديد-القيود-والإغلاق-الشامل-للمرة-الثالثة-لمواجهة-تفشي-الوباء" rel="noopener">The Covid-19 epidemic</a> </strong>in France.

This meeting comes ten days after the curfew imposed across the country, while it is too early to assess its repercussions on the spread of the virus.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said that “new decisions will be taken during this week. What is important is that we remain vigilant and do not hesitate to fight the epidemic.”

But close to Macron stressed that “no decision has been taken” so far and that the most important thing is to find a “fair balance” in the way to deal with the epidemic.

A source close to the French presidency, who did not reveal his identity, told the French News Agency, “We want to be in harmony with the French who have not stopped making many efforts for several months, and at a time when restaurants, cafes, places of culture, sports halls and universities are still closed since last October, as well as the procedures.” Others that have been taken are the imposition of remote work and curfews. ”

The same source added that Macron is not enthusiastic to impose A new quarantine It seeks to take more time to assess the implications of the curfew on the spread of the epidemic. For this reason, he will not be giving a speech this week as he might have expected.

Slowing down the pollination processes

For his part, Jean-Francois Delfraissy, head of the scientific council that advises the government regarding the strategy to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, defended the idea of ​​imposing a third quarantine in France due to “the growing infection of new strains that changed the whole situation and in light of the slowdown in vaccination,” as he put it.

He said, “Maybe a new health ban should be imposed,” noting that this decision is “brutal” but “necessary and effective to stop the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.”

“We are in a rather stable situation, but if we continue at this pace, we could find ourselves in front of a difficult situation like the rest of European countries,” he said.

What made the mud worse is my abandonment Pasteur Institute About the vaccine project against Covid-19 that he was intending to produce, although this decision will not affect the vaccination operations, since the French government relied on vaccines produced by American and European companies, while it is expected that it will receive about 77 million doses by next June. .

In addition, Geoffroy Roux de Bisio, president of the French Employers Association, called for “finding a balance between fighting the epidemic and not closing all shops.”

Infection of new strains is on the rise

This, and Jean-Francois Delfraissy warned that the strain that appeared in Britain has become present in some French regions at a rate ranging between 7 to 9 percent, at a time when a medical study, conducted on January 7 and 8, showed that the percentage of this strain in France It did not exceed 1.4 percent.

The French Public Health Agency is expected to conduct a new study this week to assess the extent of the British and South African infection transmission in France.

In addition, the same agency counted 128,551 cases of Covid-19 virus two weeks ago in France, but this number increased during the past week.

For more, Corona virus: The American company Moderna confirms the effectiveness of its vaccine to protect against infection of new strains

The same goes for the number of injured people who have been hospitalized. After their number ranged from 8,000 to 9,000 people during the month of December 2020, this number increased to 11,155 people.

The figures indicate that there were 26,888 people in French hospitals last Monday (an increase of 2,000 injured), of whom 3031 were in intensive care.

As for the number of deaths, it reached 2766 cases during the past week, while the total number of deaths since the beginning of the health crisis in France reached 73,494.

Despite these worrying numbers, Gerard Larcher, President of the Senate, called on the government to “do everything necessary to avoid a third quarantine because its consequences will be dire for the economy and the youth group,” as he put it.

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