The “golden feather” displays the heritage of Saudi Arabia


Cairo German

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Thirty-seven plastic artists are participating in the “Golden Feather” art exhibition, which opens today, in Dammam. Mustafa Darwish, the curator of the exhibition, said in statements to the German News Agency yesterday: “The works presented in the exhibition of paintings and sculptures deal with the heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its special nature, the features of its history and present, and the daily life of the Saudi person, and it represents all technical schools in all fields. Fine Arts”. He added, “The Golden Badge is an exhibition of” comprehensive plastic art “, and it will last for 10 days, and this is its first session, and it is scheduled to be held three times a year under the patronage of Abdulaziz Khaled Al-Humaidan, President of Taskin Foundation for Hospitality Services.


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