The Genius of Maldini of the Teams … Milan and the Change That Led to Italy Summit Again!


The summer of 2017 was hot in Italian football, the city of Milan raised the red flag with its five stars after the Chinese acquired the city poles Inter and Milan, and the revolution carried out by the latter in the transfer market was the subject of discussion in the whole world, not just Europe.

Young Hong Lee came as president, and with him Massimo Mirabelli and Marco Fasoni to manage, and with them came Leonardo Bonucci, Hakan Chalhanoglu, Andre Silva, Nikola Kalinic, Andrea Conte, Frank Kissier, Lucas Bella, and others for nearly 200 million euros, a revolution after which everyone thought Milan. Coming, and the lean years are coming to an end.

Leonardo Bonucci Milan

But the alleged Chinese revolution turned into a scandal, fake headquarters and a businessman who had no presence that revealed that the new club owner was just a money laundering operation for his predecessor Silvio Berlusconi, and the many stars were not the magic solution, so the results did not improve and the situation worsened, and most of them left the club after his first year. And on top of them Bonucci returning to Juventus.

The collapse of the Chinese project at the same speed its inception precipitated the departure of the old faces, headed by Vasuni and Mirabelli, and the club’s management was assigned to the “Elliot” investment group that was concerned with recovering the money obtained by the Chinese as a loan. Therefore, a plan was developed that spares money to compensate for the losses, and relies on young people from In order to return the team to the correct quorum.

“Elliott” used old faces and experts such as Leonardo and Zvonimer Boban, and with them Paolo Maldini in his first managerial roles, but the first and second left due to economic obstacles and restrictions that he was not used to in BSG and the International Federation, and he remained young Maldini and with him Frederick Massara to manage artistic matters .

*** GER ONLY *** Paolo Maldini Zvonimir Boban

The work of Maldini and Massara at the beginning was not welcomed by the audience and faced much criticism due to the weakness of the names included in the team, but slowly bit by bit he clarified the cunning and farsightedness of Maldini and his companion, and after the historic year 2020 and the tremendous improvement in the results of the Rossoneri, the praise for the cunning of the duo did not stop.

Milan’s administration pursued a youth policy, including players such as Teo Hernandez, Ismail Ben Nasser, Raphael Liao, and did not skimp on paying them money. The Portuguese Liao came for 30 million euros, Ben Nasser 17 and Teo nearly twenty for Real Madrid, and raised the slogan of patience on its young players. And inexperienced, which showed results in the second half of last season.

Patience can be considered the secret of the success of the current Milan experience, had it not been for Stefano Pioli in oblivion and replaced by Ralph Rangnick, and young people like Kissier, Repic, and Ben Nasser were outside the club’s castle after the shy and stuttering start, but these are now the main pillars of the team that leads the league before the stage of End of the first round.

But Maldini was smart and knew that young people alone are not enough and need a leader, and who is better than Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the bet that Milan won with overwhelming success, who would have expected that the player who is nearing forty with this brilliance, as if he is at the beginning of his career and not his last years as it is supposed, the star character Al Suwaidi infected the whole team and became familiar with nothing but the language of victories.

Ibrahimovic Cagliari Milan celebrating Serie A

With Ibra, Simon Kier also came from Seville after a failed loan in Atalanta, a deal that angered the fans of the team at first, and then a few months later he demanded that the loan be transferred to a complete purchase after the Dane switched to captain of the team’s defenses that had suffered greatly in the past years.

The policy of joining experienced people continued in January, so the management took advantage of a free player with Mario Mandzukic’s expertise and signed him to a short-term contract, as it did with Ibra, while the team continued its basic policies by relying on youth and got Vikayo Tomori and Sohailo Mitte on loan to fill gaps in its ranks due to injuries and chase matches.

After 18 matches, he was not the most optimistic, headed by Maldini and his administration themselves. He imagines that Milan will be at the forefront of the standings, surpassing candidates such as Inter and Juventus, and the dream of returning to the tournaments becomes a possible reality. Will the policies of Maldini and his comrades bear fruit this season, or is it a project that needs more Of maturity and patience as always? A few months and we know the answer.


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