The French director and the Dutch star … a “strange” rape case


According to the French legal system, the adjective “witness who enjoys assistance” is considered an intermediary between the attributes of the witness and the accused.

Lawyer Thierry Marambre confirmed information published by “Le Point” magazine in this regard, saying that “this decision confirms once again that the facts” with which he was accused Luc Besson.

He pointed out that “it comes after a first decision in February 2019 to save the case and requests from a deputy public prosecutor in the Public Prosecution Office in Paris After a judicial investigation was opened. “

Agence France-Presse was not able to obtain from any judicial source a confirmation on Monday night of the results of Besson’s first questioning in the case.

Neither Van Roy nor her attorney, Frances Zepigny, has commented yet on the decision.

Van Roy filed a complaint against Besson (60 years old) on May 18, 2018, the day after an appointment with him at the luxurious “Bristol” Hotel in Paris.

Two months later, she claimed that he raped and sexually assaulted her four times within two years. She recounted in her testimony that during those two years she was in an intimate relationship with director She felt obligated to her given their professional relationship.

The public prosecutor in Paris filed these complaints on February 25.

However, the actress soon filed a new complaint with a claim for civil right, a process that allows for the appointment of a judge in an almost automatic manner to restart investigations. This complaint led to the opening of an investigation on October 2, 2019 Rape charges. The Public Prosecutor in Paris informed the judge of its opposition to relaunching the investigations.

After Van Roy’s complaint, eight women accused the director of “Le Grand Blue” of harassing or sexually assaulting them, in testimonies they gave to MediaBar.

The French director admitted in October 2019 that he had an affair with Van Roy, but rejected her allegations of rape, saying they were “imagined”.

“This case is a lie from A to Z,” he said. “I did not rape this woman, nor did I abuse any female in my life.” “I never raised my hand on a woman and never threatened a woman … I did not drug this woman like it was said. It’s a lie.”

وتابع Luc Besson: (But I) betrayed my wife and children. I did not betray them only once, but this matter happened several times during our 20-year marriage.


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