The foreign exchange market in Khartoum has exploded … the dollar is jumping to unprecedented prices, and the sterling and the euro are recording crazy numbers.


Khartoum “Taq Press” – Foreign currency dealing markets witnessed an unprecedented breakdown in buying and selling in the parallel market, in a very great paradox compared to the official buying and selling prices in banks and exchange, according to what is announced by the Central Bank of Sudan.

Today, Tuesday, the price of the dollar against the Sudanese pound, during the parallel (black) market transactions, exceeded unprecedented prices.

According to traders and dealers in currency trade in the parallel market, the Sudanese pound fell in morning trading against foreign currencies, during black market trading.

The average price of the dollar was 270 pounds, compared to (55) pounds for purchase and 55.27 for sale, the official price from the Bank of Sudan.

The prices of foreign currencies in the Sudanese parallel market jumped against the pound due to the scarcity of supply and the increase in demand, according to traders and dealers in the market.

Traders indicated an increase in the volume of speculation compared to previous days, amid expectations of a further rise in the dollar in the coming days.

The price of the euro on the black market reached 321 pounds, while the banks had 67.81 pounds for purchase and 68.15 pounds for sale.

The price of the pound sterling on the black market jumped to 348 pounds, and the Central Bank of Sudan has a record of 74.79 pounds for purchase and 75.17 pounds for sale.

The price of the Saudi riyal increased on the black market to 71 pounds, and in the Central Bank, the riyal recorded 14.67 pounds for purchase and 14.74 pounds for sale.

The price of the Emirati dirham settled in the parallel market at 72.5 pounds, and at banks the price was 14.97 pounds for purchase and 15.04 pounds for sale.


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