The Football Association meets with Premier League clubs today to discuss the referees’ crisis and the formation of the association


The tripartite committee for the management of the Football Association will hold a meeting with the Premier League clubs, today, Monday, to discuss the issue of club complaints about the referees, and the election of the Executive Office of the Professional Clubs Association for the first section, after the deadline for clubs to submit their nominations has expired without the required number of candidates coming forward, as the Ismaili club only submitted Nominating Counselor Nasr Azzam for membership in the Association.

The Egyptian Football Association had addressed the Premier Division clubs regarding submitting their nominations until January 10, before extending the deadline, provided that the Executive Office elections will be held today, but the intention is to postpone for the second time in light of the clubs ’refusal to choose the association before adopting the new regulations.

The clubs of the General Assembly of the Football Association warned the tripartite committee that manages Jabaliya against calling for the upcoming elections according to the old regulation, as the tripartite committee has not yet approved the new list, and published it in the official facts before calling for the next elections, as well as forming professional club associations.

Officials of the clubs of the General Assembly in El Jabalia threatened to complain about the tripartite committee in the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA), in case the clubs ’desire was circumvented, and the elections were not called according to the new regulations that were adopted last November.

The clubs of the General Assembly adhere to the Football Association’s request from the tripartite committee that currently manages Jabalia to adopt the new list first, and to publish it in the Official Gazette before calling for the upcoming elections, as well as to form professional club associations.

Club officials explained in letters to the Football Association that after FIFA’s approval of the new rule, the list must be sent to the Egyptian Olympic Committee for review so that it is in line with the new sports law and approved and this takes time, then it is sent to the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the sake of Review it and then send it to the official facts for publication so that the union can legally hold elections.


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