The expected formation and channels for the match between Real Madrid and Deportivo Alaves in the Spanish League


Welcome to you, fans and followers of European football, especially the Spanish League, where in the summit struggle, Real Madrid faces today in front of Alaves, and that match will be held at Mendizorosa Stadium, the stronghold of Deportivo Alaves, within the activities of the twentieth week of the Premier League, which will be held at exactly ten o’clock local time Cairo, and enters the Spanish royal match in an unenviable state, after the team lost the Spanish Super title through Athletic Peplau in the pre-final match before the team crowned Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup and also lost the royal team in the King’s Cup a few days ago. A few after losing to Deportivo Alcoyano, one of the third division teams, with two goals to one, despite the fact that the team played the match with 10 players.

Real Madrid and Deportivo Alaves match today

Real Madrid enters that match with his eyes on winning that match and regained victory and returned to competition, where he is in second place with 37 points after playing 18 matches, he won 11 games, tied in 4 games and defeated me in 3 games, the team scored 30 goals and received 15 goals. .

Suspended match between Real Madrid and Alaves

Issam Chawali comments on the match.

Real Madrid and Alves match card

Deportivo Alaves Vs Real Madrid.
Championship: La Liga (week 20).
Conveyor channels: BN Sport HD1 + HD3 + 4K.
Stadium: Mendizorosa.
Commentator: Issam Chawali.
The result of the first leg: Real Madrid (1-2) Deportivo Alaves.

Match date:

11:00 pm Saudi time.
10:00 pm Egypt local time.
10:00 pm Palestine time.
10:00 pm Jordan local time.
10:00 pm Syrian time.
10:00 pm, Lebanon time.
11:00 pm, Iraq time.
10:00 pm Sudan time.
11:00 pm, Yemen time.
10:00 pm Libya local time.
9:00 pm Tunis time.
9:00 pm, Algerian time.
9:00 pm, Moroccan time.
12:00 pm UAE time.
11:00 pm Bahrain time.
12:00 pm, Sultanate of Oman time.
11:00 pm Kuwait time.
11:00 pm Qatar time.
8:00 pm Mauritania time.
11:00 pm Comorian time.
8:00 pm GMT.

Real Madrid formation expected in front of Alaves

Goalkeepers: Thibaut Courtois.

Defensive line: Danny Carvajal – Sergio Ramos – Raphael Varane – Ferland Mendy.

Midfield: Luka Modric – Carlos Casemiro – Toni Kroos.

Offensive line: Vinisos Junior – Karim Benzema – Lucas Vasquez.

Deportivo Alaves formation expected in front of Real Madrid

Goalkeepers: Fernando Pacheco

Defense line: Victor LaCuardia – Joaquim Navarro – Florian Lejeune – Borja Sainz

Midfielders: Edgar Mendes – Thomas Pena – Rodrigo Battaglia – Pellitero Ramayo

Offensive line: José Luis Sammartin Mato- Lucas Perez Martinez


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