The equivalent of 10 thousand suns .. Astronomers monitor images of the explosion of a huge galaxy


The equivalent of 10 thousand suns .. Astronomers monitor images of the explosion of a huge galaxy

Some astronomers have spotted a wonderful image of a dying galaxy spewing out gas equivalent to 10,000 suns as a result of the massive collision.

According to what was published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, today, Tuesday, new research led by scientists from the University of “Durham” proved that the merger of galaxies in the early universe can stop the formation of stars as the merging processes force gases to leak from the galaxy and weaken its ability to form new stars. Effectively indicates the end of its life as an active body.

The team found that a huge amount of star-forming gases were dispersed in the intergalactic medium by the union of two galaxies together.

Galaxy explosion

The researchers say that this event, along with a large amount of star formation in the nuclear regions of the newly merged galaxy called ID2299, will ultimately deprive the individual fusion of the fuel needed to form new stars.

This will stop star formation for several hundreds of millions of years, effectively stopping the evolution of the galaxy, given the time it takes for light from the ID2299 galaxy to reach Earth, and researchers were able to see the galaxy as it would appear 9 billion years ago when it was in the final stages of its merger.

Using the ALMA telescope of the European Southern Observatory in northern Chile, researchers saw that the galaxy ejects about half of the total gas reservoir in the vicinity of the galaxy.


“We do not know yet what the exact processes are behind stopping star formation in massive galaxies,” said Dr. Anagrazia Poglesi of the University Center, “Durham”.

She added, “We believe that the wind-driven reactions resulting from the formation of active stars or black holes are the main ones responsible for expelling the gas and extinguishing the ignition.”


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